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It’s about time

With fewer components and fewer steps compared to any other system, Symphion makes the most of your time.

One 3-liter Saline Bag volumetrically limits fluid overload
Integrated controller combines seamless resection and fluid management control in one system.
Fluid Management Accessory is a closed loop system that filters saline, limits fluid absorption and enables continuous, clear visualization of the cavity.
6.3mm, 3-channel hysteroscope improves visibility and aspiration while monitoring intrauterine pressure.
3.6mm Resection Device High-speed RF plasma cutting/coagulation technology eliminates blades and mechanical cutting.
Built-in Spot Coagulation controls bleeding for a clear and consistent view throughout the procedure.


1 scope, 1 device
1 saline bag, no blades


On-demand aspiration independent of resection


High-speed, bladeless resection & spot coagulation

Why Symphion

Innovating fluid management
  • Closed-loop system uses just one 3-liter saline bag
  • Saline recirculates through a molecular filter for purification
  • Recirculated saline limits patient’s fluid exposure to <2500mL
  • Real-time intrauterine pressure is measured inside of the uterus
Modernizing resection
  • High speed, RF plasma energy replaces outdated mechanical blades
  • Faster removal of dense tissue, no dull blades to change
  • On-demand spot coagulation independent of cutting mode
  • Side window resection does not require change in technique
Redefining aspiration
  • On-demand, foot-operated aspiration
  • Aspiration independent of resection mechanism
  • Seamless transition from resecting to aspirating
  • Does not raise intrauterine pressure

Minimize distractions


Symphion is easy to master–no need to change your side window resection technique. And it streamlines the tissue removal process for you and your team.
One device. One scope. One saline bag.

OR Staff

Contains fewer components and fewer steps than any other resection system. Each procedure requires just one 3-liter saline bag and no canisters.


Optimize the OR with a faster setup, less SKUs, less waste and a simplified procedure, saving valuable time and resources.

Need to make the most of your operating time?

Symphion in action

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Symphion Resources

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Can Symphion be used for both polyps and fibroids? If so, are there multiple resection device sizes?

Yes. Symphion is indicated for resection of any intrauterine tissue. By design, there is only one resection device size, which is independent of the type and size of pathology for a more streamlined, cost effective and minimally invasive solution for treatment of AUB due to structural causes.

Does Symphion utilize a mechanical blade?

Symphion utilizes RF plasma cutting / coagulation technology for fast tissue resection without dull blades that are often seen in older cutting technologies.

Does Symphion have an automatic fluid deficit readout?

Symphion is designed to volumetrically limit the amount of distention media that potentially can be absorbed, and this value will never exceed 2,500 mL. This is achieved via Symphion’s “closed loop” fluid management system. The re-circulating distention media allows the user to calculate the fluid loss by simply subtracting the remainder of fluid in the 3L saline bag from the operating volume of 2,500mL.

How do you calculate fluid deficit after a Symphion case?

Total Fluid Loss equals 2500mL minus Amount of saline remaining in 3000mL bag (approximately 500mL remain in the system)

Does the resection device dull or weaken during a long fibroid case?

No. Symphion uses bladeless RF plasma resection technology. As a result the device does not dull or weaken during treatment.

Do you need to run the resection device to aspirate?

Symphion has an independent aspiration mode.

What is the depth of tissue destruction beyond the diameter of the Symphion RD, when cutting?

Histologic evaluation of the tissue chips indicates a consistent depth of tissue thermal effect limited to approximately 80 microns.

Are additional canisters and tubing needed?

No. The Symphion Fluid Management Accessory (FMA) is all-inclusive.