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Used in conjunction with a diagnostic hysteroscope, the Resectr device offers the flexibility to safely diagnose and treat polyps in a single in-office visit.

Drive by wire design allows for continuous removal of tissue during resection
Rotating cannula allows physician to position window without rotating hand
Resecting blade is bi-directional, internally rotating to provide six rotations per handle squeeze.
Ergonomic handle designed to alleviate tension and pressure on hands
Available in 5Fr and 9Fr diameter
Works with your existing fluid management system, wall suction and hysteroscopes.


Works with your existing equipment


5Fr for standard operative channel, 9Fr for speed of polyp removal


Observe and remove polyps in a single office visit

Resectr In Action

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Need the flexibility to diagnose and treat polyps in a single visit?

Resectr Resources

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What sizes are available for Resectr?

Resectr comes in two sizes:
5Fr outer diameter, 5mm cutting window, 35cm length
9Fr outer diameter, 7.5mm cutting window, 35cm length

Can I use Resectr with any hysteroscope?

The 5Fr Resectr may be used with any hysteroscope that has an operative channel of 5Fr or larger. The 9Fr may be used with any hysteroscope that has an operative channel of 9Fr or larger.

Does the Resectr require the use of capital equipment?

No. Resectr is a handheld device that is powered by squeezing the handle of the device. No external power source is needed. A source of suction (wall or pump) is required.

Can I use the Resectr on fibroids?

The Resectr is labeled for resection of any intrauterine pathology/tissue, but is especially effective with endometrial polyps.

What additional equipment do I need to use the Resectr?

An operative hysteroscope, a source of suction, a source of distention media, tubing for inflow and outflow, and a tissue catch for pathology. To order the Resectr accessories, please go to

Does the Resectr utilize mechanical or bipolar cutting?

The Resectr utilizes purely mechanical cutting.

Can I rotate the cutting window without rotating the handle?

Yes. The rotating collar that enables window rotation is located on the connection of the cannula to the handle. This allows for an easy and ergonomic case execution, reducing procedure time and physician fatigue.