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Safety in sight

Continuous visualization gives you the ability to see and treat the uterine cavity during the entire procedure. The simple setup and compact design ensures quick case turn around.

ProCerva™ procedure sheath maintains a complete cervical seal, which is verified before procedure initiation
Tapered “sieve” tip aids in debris handling and helps prevent clogging of device or tubing
Engineered for continuous direct visualization to enable treatment of a wider range of uterine cavities
Compact, disposable cassette heats, filters and controls fluid flow
Controller displays step-by-step instructions and real-time procedure information, including time, temperature and fluid loss monitoring


Entire procedure performed under direct visualization


Touchscreen displays all setup, procedure, and breakdown steps


Treats normal and irregular shaped uterine cavities

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Genesys HTA In Action

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Visualize the difference in endometrial ablation

Genesys HTA Resources

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What size hysteroscope can be used with Genesys HTA?

3.0mm diameter or smaller diagnostic hysteroscope can be used with the corresponding adapter.

Does HTA require an adapter?

Yes. To order, contact Minerva Customers Service at 855-646-7874.

What is the operating pressure of Genesys HTA?

Genesys HTA operates between 50-60mmHg of pressure.

How hot does the saline get during Genesys HTA ablation?

Target temperature is 90 degrees Celsius and will fluctuate several degrees during the treatment cycle

Do you need to use a different scope or scope setup for diagnostic hysteroscopy before doing a Genesys HTA ablation?

You can use a single scope in conjunction with the Genesys HTA setup. No additional or separate setups are required.