Symphion System Coagulation Video

The Symphion System‘s unique electrosurgical feature can be used to control fundal bleeding during operative hysteroscopy.

Active bleeding during a procedure rapidly obscures the visual field, making it difficult for the surgeon to operate.

To control fundal bleeding the distal tip electrode provides accurate hemostasis. The Symphion System also is employed for aspiration to clarify the source of bleeding.

The tip of the resecting device is placed at the bleeding site to tamponade the vessel.

The hysteroscope is withdrawn, allowing the resecting device to fully extend. The coagulation foot pedal delivers a high frequency alternating current sufficient for hemostasis.

A second attempt is required during this procedure, to make sure the bleeding has been sufficiently controlled.

Again, the Symphion resecting device is carefully placed against the tissue and the hysteroscope is drawn away from the tip of the device.

Care is taken not to push the resecting device forward into the tissue to minimize the risk of perforation.

Tissue pulsation and emanation of gas bubbles are seen during hemostasis.

The Symphion System automatically clears the visual field, after tissue coagulation is initiated.

Without blood and clots obscuring the visual field, the surgeon now resumes resection and removal of the remaining tissue.


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