Minerva ES Patient Testimonial: Krista

“I was attracted to the Minerva procedure because of the much less invasive whole gamut of it. There is like a 6 week recovery with a hysterectomy and I am a busy mom of 7. I can’t lay up for 6 weeks at least.

With the Minerva procedure they said it was just gonna be a few days .

I had the procedure in the morning, we came home, I got something to eat and drink and went to bed; and the next morning I woke up.

I felt good. I didn’t have any problem. I think I was surprised by, fortunately for me, how little bleeding and cramping I had.

It’s been 5 months since I had my procedure and had 2 cycles during that time. I only have to wear my pantyliner, it’s not even a full-on pad.

I haven’t had to have any further iron infusions.

The Minerva procedure has allowed me to be a mom to my kids again.”


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