Genesys HTA System Step-by-Step Video

To begin, plug in the console and turn it on. A system start up screen appears, while the console runs a self-diagnostic test.

The screen will now prompt you through all steps of set up.

The Genesys HTA ProCerva™ Procedure Set comes in 2 trays:

  • the first holds the cassette and drainage bag
  • the second holds the sterile procedure sheath.

Slide the cassette down until it is fully seated.

2 blue lights behind the cassette will illuminate.

Hang the drain bag on the console and connect the drain line luer fitting from the cassette to the drainage bag.

Press the right hand console button to engage the cassette.

Once the system checks the cassette, the remaining set up steps will be displayed on the screen.

Hang a 3 liter bag of saline on the IV pole the spike the saline bag.

Now check to confirm that the tubing clamps are open…

WATCH VIDEO for the next steps:



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