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Streamline the treatment of AUB with one suite of minimally invasive devices refined for safety, simplicity and superior outcomes.



Target the root cause of AUB with devices that deliver unmatched efficiency and results.



Tap into on-demand tech support, training and education for practitioners and all staff.



Our sole focus on device enabled innovations in Women’s Health means no aspect of your experience escapes our scrutiny.


The power of one

Only Minerva Surgical delivers one complete suite of devices that treat the root causes of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) in both the normal and irregular shaped uterus. With our singular focus on minimally invasive intrauterine treatments, we have been on the leading edge of significant technological advancements in gynecologic surgery.

Explore the Minerva Intrauterine Product Suite

The most advanced endometrial ablation system with superior validated clinical results. PlasmaSense™ technology delivers a complete ablation with consistent depth without requiring direct tissue contact.

No compromises on safety, ease of use, or results.

The all-in-one Symphion System is designed to transform the way you see and remove uterine fibroids and polyps. Breakthrough fluid management, direct intrauterine pressure monitoring and bladeless resection work in concert to improve safety and ease of use.

One system, built for efficiency and safety. 

The only endometrial ablation device engineered for continuous direct visualization to enable treatment of a wider range of uterine cavities. Now you can see exactly what you’re treating.

Confidence through continuous direct visualization.

Precision engineering refined this resection device to improve ease of use and control. Each resecting blade is bi-directional, internally rotating to provide six rotations per handle squeeze.

A low tech, disposable solution that delivers high value.

Looking to treat the root cause of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding?

Results matter.

To everyone.

With a singular focus on women’s uterine health and well-being, we are able to optimize every aspect of our business to ensure you receive the best devices, the best support, and the most value for your time and investment. And most importantly, the best patient experience possible.

Explore how Minerva’s Intrauterine Device Suite delivers results across the continuum of AUB care.

OR Staff

Your on-demand AUB assistant

No matter what your view–from the waiting room to the OR suite–you’ll have the support you need to treat AUB.


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Customer Centric
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Continuous Improvement

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That’s how Minerva was born. (It’s also how we invented the Cervical
Sealing Balloon.)

Data Transparency
Data Transparency
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