Symphion Endoscope Directions for Use

This manual provides the information you need to operate and maintain the Symphion 6.3 Endoscope. It is essential that you read and understand all the information in this manual before using or maintaining this device.

1. Device description

The Symphion 6.3 Endoscope is a reusable instrument for use in visualizing the body cavity during diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopic procedures.

The Symphion 6.3 Endoscope is for use with the Symphion System.

2. Intended use/Indications for use

The Symphion 6.3 Endoscope is intended to provide the physician with a means for endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic surgical

  • Cervical stenosis
  • Cervical/vaginal/Pelvic infection
  • Uterine bleeding or menses
  • Known pregnancy
  • Invasive carcinoma of the cervix/endometrial cancer
  • Recent uterine perforation
  • Medical contraindication or intolerance to anesthesia procedures. It is indicated for use in diagnostic examination and
    surgical hysteroscopic procedures.

3. Contraindications

  • Acute pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Inability to distend the uterus

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